Thank you is not enough!

Shruti has been a blessing for us…we started with her coaching our eldest son as we thought he was holding in a lot of things and being our first born…there were so many things I thought I hadn’t done right like be really hard on him and expecting a lot…after just a few sessions… OMG we have had a total transformation in him…he is more confident , independent and believes on himself.

Our relationship is so much better and he is really empathetic. He has excelled at school and I feel it’s her coaching that has opened different channels in him! After seeing the change in him…I started sessions with Shruti… I saw a huge shift but due to my own inhibitions… I went back to my old ways…but shruti has been there throughout for me…and am looking forward to starting my journey again with a bang…. Shruti has been amazing and super with both my kids and myself and the best thing is …she is always available with the best advise ….a thank you is not enough!